Our Technology

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Direct Air Capture

E-quester removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through direct air capture (DAC). Our system pulls CO2 from the air and produces a pure CO2 stream for utilization or permanent storage.

An Electrochemical Process

A schematic of E-quester’s direct air capture technology

We push atmospheric air through the air contactor where CO2 is chemically captured by a capture solution. The captured CO2 stays in the solution while CO2-free air leaves our system.

In our novel electrochemical regeneration system, the captured CO2 is released chemically, and the capture solution is regenerated and recycled. Pure CO2 is produced from this system and can be processed for subsequent utilization or sequestration.

Our entire system is powered by clean energy. This means we can leverage the power of renewable electricity and minimize our carbon footprint. Our electrochemical regeneration system allows us to achieve high energy efficiencies. Our aim is to optimize the DAC process through catalyst and system design to reach record-breaking carbon capture efficiencies.